How have recent events impacted the outlook on the market for the rest of 2023?

In Episode 4 of Ignite, a Women a Funds podcast production hosted by Nancy Vailakis, Susan Webb, Founder, CEO, and CIO of Appomattox Advisory, Inc., discusses the “2023 Market Outlook: Managing Risk and Finding Opportunities.”

In this latest talk, Susan and Nancy discuss how the Fed continues to raise interest rates to keep inflation at bay, how valuations have been negatively impacted by higher rates, while credit markets have tightened, creating uncertainty about the direction of the economy.

This episode dives into the following topics: how the most recent banking crisis is similar and different from the one experienced in 2008, why risk management is essential for firms that manage assets, why it’s time to assign real responsibility to Boards by implementing the proper governance structures at financial institutions, how CIOs may address the traditional 60/40 portfolio construction model in today’s environment, and more.

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