What does the U.S. energy sector look like right now?

Episode 3 of Ignite, a Women in Funds podcast production hosted by Nancy Vailakis, invited Noha Sidhom, CIO of Viribus Funds, LP, to discuss the Trends and Developments in the U.S. Energy Sector.

Noha explained why the shift toward renewable energy sources is only part of the equation and that there needs to be a deep focus on investing in energy infrastructure in order to enable the transition. Additionally, she discusses the importance of measuring and pricing based on demand, as well as analyzing data to ensure optimal development of energy infrastructure.

During the conversation, Nancy and Noha explored several topics, including the effects of the increasing occurrence of extreme weather events on the energy sector. They also confirmed that states are shifting towards renewable energy sources, discussed the challenges of balancing technology innovation with ensuring consumers’ access to energy, and emphasized the crucial role of improving grid structure and technology in achieving a successful energy transition.

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